Writers Guild throws support behind SAG-AFTRA after settling

The Writers Guild of America — who settled their strike last month — is showing “solidarity forever” as SAG-AFTRA continues their own.

The Writers Guild of America may have ended their strike, but the one initiated by SAG-AFTRA in July is still holding up Hollywood. As it rages, the WGA is throwing their support behind the actors union, saying they will show “solidarity forever.”

A statement issued by the Writers Guild of America read, “The WGA West and East call upon the AMPTP and its member companies to negotiate the fair deal that members of SAG-AFTRA need and deserve. SAG-AFTRA has been on strike for more than 70 days as it fights for a contract that allows performers to share in the value of the work they help create.  Rather than engage in the traditional AMPTP tactic of pushing a deal on SAG-AFTRA that is patterned on our own tentative agreement or any other industry deal, a strategy which has already caused considerable delay and suffering, the companies must make a deal that addresses the needs of performers. WGA members will continue to show up on picket lines and support SAG-AFTRA until they reach that deal. Solidarity forever.”

The Writers Guild of America settled on September 27th, nearly 150 days after launching their strike back in May. As fall approached, negotiations between the WGA and the AMPTP were looking to be headed in the right direction, as there were continuous meetings between guild reps and studio heads. A similar thing is happening with SAG-AFTRA, whose strike has now surpassed 80 days. As such, members – and moviegoers – are remaining cautiously optimistic.

This Writers Guild of America strike is one of the longest on record for the union. The most recent, in 2007-2008, lasted 99 days, which didn’t get near the five months of the 1988 strike. However, the 2023 strike just barely eclipsed the union’s first strike in 1960, which lasted 148 days. For comparison, the most recent SAG strike came about in 2000 and lasted 182 days, one of the longest in the industry’s history.

Now that the Writers Guild of America strike has ended, do you anticipate SAG-AFTRA will follow suit sooner than expected? Give us your take on the situation in the comments section below.

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