Frequency99, Inc. Unveils a Groundbreaking Revelation in the new book “The Genesis Habitation Zone” by David Edward, Ph.D.

Frequency99, Inc. Unveils a Groundbreaking Revelation in the new book “The Genesis Habitation Zone” by David Edward, Ph.D.

A Historic Convergence of Biblical Genesis and Modern Astrophysics

OCALA, Fla., March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In an unprecedented publishing event, Frequency99, Inc. proudly announces the upcoming release of “The Genesis Habitation Zone” by David Edward, Ph.D., set to release on May 1, 2024. This groundbreaking book provides a direct alignment between the biblical account of creation and modern astrophysical discoveries. Edward’s groundbreaking work, much like the trailblazing efforts of Francis Collins and John Polkinghorne, inspires us to challenge our understanding of history and embrace a new paradigm.

Redefining Our Cosmic Origins
“The Genesis Habitation Zone” embarks on a visionary journey, revealing that the first seventeen verses of Genesis—a text billions hold sacred—reflect an astonishingly accurate description of the formation of our local cosmic neighborhood, known as the Local Bubble. Dr. Edward’s groundbreaking analysis demonstrates how recent astrophysical findings, particularly those from a team of Harvard scientists, offer irrefutable evidence that aligns seamlessly with the ancient scripture.

A Disruptive Revelation
With this book, Dr. Edward disrupts long-standing divides between science and spirituality, offering clarity and insight that transcend traditional boundaries. “The Genesis Habitation Zone” is not merely a book; it is a revelation, opening a dialogue about our origins with implications as profound as the universe itself.

Available for $29.99 in Paperback upon release and $19.99 as a pre-order (the author signs all pre-orders), “The Genesis Habitation Zone” is an essential addition to the libraries of scholars, skeptics, believers, and anyone intrigued by the nexus of faith and science. This exclusive release promises to ignite conversations, challenge preconceptions, and inspire a newfound wonder in the divine orchestration of the cosmos.

About the Author
David Edward, PhD, brings a diverse set of skills to his writing, grounded in his experience in intelligence and counterterrorism with the US Army. Edward’s academic background is in engineering, where he has earned advanced degrees and history, with extensive coursework that enriches his analytical approach. He uniquely combines these disciplines to explore historical narratives through the practical application of material sciences, offering perspectives that challenge conventional understanding. Beyond his investigative and academic pursuits, Edward connects with a wide audience through his nationally syndicated radio show, Entry Level Christianity, where he discusses a range of topics from faith to historical inquiry.

About Frequency99, Inc.
As innovators in publishing, Frequency99, Inc. is committed to exploring the intersections of science, spirituality, and human curiosity. We bring forward-thinking and transformative works to readers worldwide, challenging the status quo and expanding horizons.

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“Discover the cosmic truth that binds us through ‘The Genesis Habitation Zone.’ This is not just a book; it’s a key to unlocking the mysteries that lie at the very heart of existence.”

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