The Angel of Indian Lake: Stephen King is in the voice cast of Stephen Graham Jones audiobook

The Angel of Indian Lake: Stephen King is in the voice cast of Stephen Graham Jones audiobook

The audiobook for Stephen Graham Jones’ horror novel The Angel of Indian Lake has a full voice cast, including Stephen King

Author Stephen Graham Jones started his Indian Lake Trilogy with the novel My Heart Is a Chainsaw, which has an audiobook version that was read by Cara Gee, who may be best known for her work on the TV shows Strange Empire and The Expanse. The second novel in the series was Don’t Fear the Reaper, and the audiobook for that one had a full cast that included Isabella Star LaBlanc (Pet Sematary: Bloodlines) and Jane Levy (Evil Dead 2013). The Indian Lake Trilogy is set to wrap up with The Angel of Indian Lake, which will be published on March 26th – and our friends at Bloody Disgusting have learned that the audiobook for this one is also going to have a full cast, with one of the cast members being the legendary Stephen King! Pre-orders can be made at THIS LINK.

Isabella Star LaBlanc is back for The Angel of Indian Lake, and she and Stephen King are joined in the audiobook’s voice cast by Angela Goethals (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), Andrew J. Robinson (Hellraiser), and genre icon Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator).

The Angel of Indian Lake has the following description: It’s been four years in prison since Jade Daniels last saw her hometown of Proofrock, Idaho, the day she took the fall, protecting her friend Letha and her family from incrimination. Since then, her reputation, and the town, have changed dramatically. There’s a lot of unfinished business in Proofrock, from serial killer cultists to the rich trying to buy Western authenticity. But there’s one aspect of Proofrock no one wants to confront… until Jade comes back to town. The curse of the Lake Witch is waiting, and now is the time for the final stand.

New York Times bestselling author Stephen Graham Jones has crafted an epic horror trilogy of generational trauma from the Indigenous to the townies rooted in the mountains of Idaho. It is a story of the American west written in blood.

Have you been reading Stephen Graham Jones’ Indian Lake Trilogy, and will you be checking out the audiobook version of The Angel of Indian Lake? What do you think of Stephen King being part of the voice cast? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The Angel of Indian Lake Stephen Graham Jones

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